FMDV, a member of the Finance en Commun movement, organized, coordinated initiatives related to urban development financing during the three days of the Finance in Common Summit, which brought together public development banks around the theme « A green and fair transition for a sustainable recovery ». 

    The initiatives gathered the key players in the urban finance chain, who met the day after the FICS, for the Finance Your Cities conference, labeled by the FICS and pioneered by FMDV. The event, hosted by the authorities of Côte d’Ivoire and the Autonomous District of Abidjan, was placed under the patronage of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).

    At the same time, eleven high-level delegations met around the new Alliance of African Ministers of Cities for Financing; a two-day meeting organized by FMDV the United Nations Development Program(UNDP) and UN-Habitat, led by Bruno Koné, Ivorian Minister of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning (MCLU) and supported by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MAE)  and the UEMOA.

    Strengthened by this urban agenda supported, in particular, by the birth of the Coalition on Resilient Cities and Regions, the African Alliance of Subnational Development Banks (SDBs), based on the model of the Alliance SDBs in Latin America and the Caribbean – for which FMDV has provided the secretariat for more than a year – the conference led to the launch of the Finance Your Cities platform, with several action-oriented country programs, namely in Togo or Cameroon and the signing of a joint declaration, the Abidjan Declaration, for « Unleashing the Power of Urban Development & Transition Financing”.

    Beyond the District of Abidjan, MCLU, the UEMOA, ivorian authorities or the  MAE, FMDV would like to thank all of the organizations and their teams for making this happen: the African Development Bank and its Urban Municipal Development Fund (UMDF), the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the Fonds spécial d’équipement et d’intervention intercommunale – FEICOM, ICLEI Africa, Meridiam, the Réseau des Institutions Africaines de Financement des COllectivités locales (RIAFCO), UN-Habitat, UNDP, the West African Development Bank (BOAD) and the media partner, the Africa Innovation Network (AIN).


    Friday, October 21, 2022 – Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

    By invitation only

    The first global conference on financing and investing for sustainable and resilient urban development.

    For this first edition, the conference is held under the high patronage of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire and of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), and hosted by both the authorities of Côte d’Ivoire and the Autonomous District of Abidjan.

    Labeled by the Finance In Common Summit (FICS), Finance Your Cities is a global conference pioneered by FMDV, Global Fund for Cities Development.


    Finance Your Cities will play an important role in the preparation of stakeholders for the upcoming major events linked to urban issues, namely : the COP 27, the 2023 global agenda, which includes the Financing for Development Forum, the SDG11 review during the High Level Political Forum, the Summit of the Future or that of the SDGs, in September.

    As an event that builds towards these upcoming major dates – which aim to focus attention on the global financing and action gap and the responses to be provided – Finance Your Cities offers concrete solutions and a roadmap. The one-day conference will have three high-level forums: one of strategy and policy; one dedicated to solutions and a third, to action.

    Click here to view the Agenda in French and in English

    Finance Your Cities Finance Your Cities is an action-oriented event, in fast-track mode, in response to the climate and sustainable investment and financing emergency; a prerequisite to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement goals.


    Welcoming national, regional and local public leaders as well as key players in public and private finance and investment, the conference will gather the entire ecosystem of stakeholders: Ministers, mayors and governors, high-level representatives from development finance institutions (DFIs), UN agencies, local and regional governments associations, private investors and companies, research institutes, urban practitioners or experts.

    Focusing on applicable country-based solutions, the conference will facilitate the convergence towards a roadmap for accelerating climate and sustainable action, at the local and regional levels, as a complement to national strategies and programs.


    The videos


    High-level decision makers will aggregate inspiring policies and solutions, develop new partnerships, and agree on specific priorities to accelerate urban financing and investment.

    Finance Your Cities is expected to be a yearly reunion, grounding its mobilization process and innovative approach into a long-lasting cooperation towards impact and delivery. It offers a unique opportunity to design and showcase actionable partnerships and solutions for urban transition.

    The objective of Finance Your Cities is to catalyze and communicate the actions required to accelerate the mobilization of financing and investment to achieve a sustainable, just, and resilient urban development and transition.

    Finance Your Cities is a unique chance to accelerate, to scale up and to engage in multi-level and multi-stakeholder dialogue; and benefit from cutting-edge financial engineering for a transition towards fair and sustainable urban development.

FMDV – Global Fund for Cities Development is the international network dedicated to designing financing and investment solutions for sustainable urban development

FMDV helps cities and regions find innovative solutions for local finance to build a sustainable urban future.

Both a network of expertise and an incubator of operational strategies, FMDV supports public entities (ministries, local governments and their networks, donors) with technical assistance and financial engineering across the entire value chain of urban development financing.

Based on this mandate, FMDV has a community of more than 1,500 local governments from 110 countries, 150 Subnational Development Banks, 250 companies and investors, and has helped to mobilize US$1 billion to support sustainable urban transition.

FMDV leads three Finance in Common initiatives on financing resilient cities and regions: the Coalition on Resilient Cities & Regions, and the two regional Alliances of Subnational Development Banks* in Africa and in Latin America and the Caribbean.

*Subnational Development Banks (SDBs) are public development institutions supported by national governments or States. Their mandate is to finance local government action and subnational urban investments.

e-mail address : FinanceYourCities@FMDV.net

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